Rekey Locks

Contact our locksmith to rekey locks in Oakville, Ontario. We arrive fast and are fully equipped to provide the service. Whether you have a regular cylinder lock or a master lock, we can take care of it. By utilizing their experience and the right tools, our pros can change the configuration of the lock's pins so that the original key won't longer work with this particular lock. Call our Locksmith Experts in Oakville today.Rekey Locks Oakville

We rekey locks in Oakville very fast

Lock rekey is necessary when you rent or buy a new property and want to increase security before you move in without breaking the bank. Rekeying is the perfect solution as long as the lock is still durable and resistant. If this is a master lock, we can remove the wafers that enables it to work with the master key. If it's a regular re-keyed lock, we simply replace its pins. In either case, with key change, you can be sure of your security since the original key won't be useful anymore.

Our techs are masters in master key lock systems

Our company's expertise also comes handy when you want to set up a master key system in Oakville. We come to change the pin configuration once more but this time we aim at ensuring that the door will open with both the master and servant key. So if you are looking for key management and high security solutions for an office or apartment building, call us to help.

Call us now for emergency lock rekey services

We also rekey locks urgently. Our techs respond as quickly as possible when your key is missing. In such cases, keys are often stolen. Just the idea of strangers having your key can be stressful let alone experiencing a break in. Since the goal of lock rekeying is to change the pins and the key and make the original key useless, we rush to offer the service urgently.

Our pros travel in fully equipped vans. So they can easily find the right key replacement for your lock and cut it to match the pins of the rekeyed lock. We cut keys with precision, smooth out their edges, and make sure they work fine with the lock. Trust our expert service and fast response. Call us now to rekey locks in Oakville.